Leafs ignore fundamenalist protests

(Canscene) — If a couple of fundamentalist groups in the United States had got their way, Breakfast with Scot would never have made it to completion. Thanks to the management of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team, their threats were ignored.

You see, Breakfast with Scot is about an ex-Leaf star — Eric (Tom Cavanagh), now a sportscaster who’s openly gay, living with his partner Sam (Ben Shenkman) a lawyer in a civilized neighbourhood. Their’s is a peaceful existence until Sam’s sister dies leaving 11-year-old Scot in the care of his father. Only the dad isn’t living in Canada. He’s somewhere in Brazil and obviously doesn’t want Scot down there. Scot moves in with Uncle Sam and Eric.


Detecting signs of effeminacy in the boy, Eric is determined to bring out the straight side in Scot with some amusing and often embarrassing results until Eric is forced to look at the situation realistically.

Directed with sensitivity by Laurie Lynde, Breakfast with Scot reveals Cavanagh’s gift for comedy and is peopled with such sterling Canadian actors as Megan Follows, Sheila McCarthy, Fiona Reid and Graham Greene.

Noah Bernett as Scot gives an endearing performance and Cavanagh proves his adeptness at comedy in a film that bridges gaps effortlessly but those of us who will be rewarded by seeing this tender film mustn’t forget the laurels owing to the Toronto Maple Leafs for not having been bullied away from their association with Breakfast With Scot.

Wonder whether Don Cherry has voiced an opinion on this one yet?

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