A Winnipeg like no other

Canscene) — if there’s one thing predictable about a Guy Maddin film it’s this: it will be an iconoclastic, black-and-white production.

My Winnipeg is hardly a paen of praise to the city of Maddin’s birth but neither is it a hate message. In recent years, offsetting genuine hard core documentaries we’ve seen the rise of some amusing mockumentaries. But how to describe My Winnipeg? Maddin himself calls it a “docu-fantasia.”

He takes us in and out of docu-reality from genuinely and little known facts of his city’s history to personal musings all told in a narration that ranges from the sardonic to the philosophical and is frequently very funny.

The best advice I can give you is: see My Winnipeg for yourself! I think I need to see it again once or twice to get the most out of it.

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