These aren’t a few of my favourite thngs

(Canscene) –Scarcely a Sunday evening goes by that I don’t watch that lovable old  curmudgeon,   Andy Rooney beef on 60 Minutes about things and people  that irritate him. Thought I’d have a go myself

These are a few of my least favourite things, usually people and not necessarily in the following order:

**  Subway riders who keep their backpacks aloft to the discomfort of fellow passengers and remain oblivious because their headsets are turned on.

**   Ditto who sprawl across two seats, and put their tootsies up on a third

**    Drivers so in love with their horns they honk you a nanosecond after the light turns green.

**    Speedsters  at shopping mall parking lots.

**    Movie watchers who refuse to  look at subtitled films. Maybe they should attend literacy classes.

**    Chauvinists who recoil at the sight or sound of anything written or spoken in one of our official languages.

**     Supermarket shoppers in the 1-8  item checkout lane who use their debit cards for purchases under five dollars.

**     People who won’t give Canadian movies a try.

**     People who hurl themselves through revolving doors without thinking about  the age or weight  of those ahead of them

**   Ontario toll highway 407, the Harris-Eves ripoff of them all!

**    Media overkill of Donald Trump, Lord Black of Crosspatch and Lady Babs

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