Dynamic biopic goes to DVD June 1

(Canscene) — World War I’s Baron Manfred von Richtofen, claiming 80 kills, has emerged as the ace of aces in a war that saw its romantic heroes in the air contrasted with the benighted, mud-bound foot soldiers, victims of brutal orders to go “over the top” to certain annihilation.

The Red Baron, a feature length film in English which recently played Canadian screens will be available in DVD sales and rental outlets on June 1 next. In spite of a lukewarm to hostile reception by film critics, the film merits serious consideration.

Over the years, The Red Baron has become a figure of humour as well as recognized as the gallant idealist who forbade his pilots to fire on survivors after a plane had been downed.

The Red Baron stars Matthias Schweighoefer who still under 30 years of age, has played a large number of roles in German films and in the Hollywood film Valkyrie; He has also added to his popularity in Germany as a host of special television events.

Here, we see von Richtofen during the last two years of his life, first as the aristocrat whose will to immortalize his squadron leads him imperiously to override his superiors. He paints his own plane red and his mens’ planes also carry distinguished markings, proclaiming tbeir membership in Richtofen’s Flying Circus. But gradually reaction sets in and Manfred von Richtofen flies into his final defeat a disillusioned man who questions the very motives for the start of the war.

Much of the film is made up of imaginary incidents and may be challenged but for me, the whole carried a fascination in a film about pride, prejudice and the very nature of war.

Noteworthy also are the digitally choreographed air batttles which stud the production


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