Compounding confusion

(Canscene) — a recent poll suggested that Canadians, unlike persons in other countries, aren’t critical of foreign national citizens flocking here to settle.

Then comes last month’s exhaustive nationwide survey remind us of the growth of visible minorities. For heaven’s sake why, in all these years do we still cling to the term visible minorities? Sure, persons of Chinese, Sikh, Tamil and Vietnamese origins differ from each other, just as they do from the white majority but as we have learned do not particularly concern Canadians about their being here.

So why keep rubbing it in to them and to all of us that they are “visible” minorities and deliberaely single them out for attention as such?

2 Responses to “Compounding confusion”

  1. Bill Andersen Says:

    Glad you point this out, Ben. I agree completely. The term “visible minority” serves no useful purpose. In fact, I think it’s stupid.

  2. Ace Says:

    You are totally right, Ben.

    In countless public gatherings composed of peoples of various ethnicities, government officials and/or authorities on demographics say, “There is no more visible minority. We are ALL one!”

    Hence, if we are all one, logically, there’s no minority, and if the latter doesn’t exist, it follows that neither does majority.