Two clear and present dangers

(Canscene) — The response both in financal and physical aid to Haiti has been enormous and the humanitarians of the world are to be profoundly thanked.

But it must be clearly understand that in our relationsips with this benighted country we are dealing with a psyche that has been damaged for years. Right now the recent visit of Prime Minister Harper and his pledge of building a government headquarters raises once again the question of his immaturity in foreign affairs.

Back when George W. Bush was calling the shots, the brutal, terroristic reign of the Duvaliers and their thug enforcers the tontons macoutes was tacitly accepted by the so-called democracies and the succeeding democratic president, Father Aristide, quickly dispensed with because of his socialistic views.

As we give generously, we must ensure that our governments make every effort to pressure the future of governance into a democratic mould.

No less serious is the danger in Afghanistan of seeking compromise with the Taliban as President Karzai seems so transparently to desire. From its past and present performance, tne Taliban has clearly demonstrated that in its extreme application of sharia law, punishment for offences against this law are barbaric and inhuman. The rights of women are totally denied and punishment is intolerant, cruel —- and public.

We hope the world can be persuaded that any form of concession to the Taliban in Afghanistan means the spread of this vicious doctrine wherever militants support it. The stand of Prsident Obama in calling for a surge offensive shows that America knows that with a strong Taliban presence in Afghanistan, so goes Pakistan and then other nations in which the Taliban has a foothold in Islamic communities.

There should be no alternative than to destroy the Taliban in Afghanistan as a vicious ideological blot on the face of humanity.


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