The First Word

Still under the emotional spell cast by our country’s athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
I’ll never forget that moment when young Sid Crosby shot the winning goal into the U.S.A net. For me, it was sheer magic and I will continue to be celebrate it along with 35 million others. But for the moment let’s forget all the hosannahs we can expect in the days ahead. Let’s think of the spirit ignited by Canada and let’s make sure to carry this spirit forward to 1017 when a free Canada celebrates its 150th birthday.

Toronto celebrates

5 Responses to “The First Word”

  1. bill Says:

    Well said, Ben.

  2. ben viccari Says:

    Thanks, Bill


  3. Peter Sever Says:

    Ben it was also a STUNNING BRILLIANT FOREVER-REMEMBERED moment for us too. Maybe all the more so in our unusual Canadian Biker Trash context.

    Sitting our first day post-arrival from East Timor, in Darwin hotel in North Oz, with good TV for the first time in a while (after 1.5 years in Middle East & SE Asia), dying to see Olympics half a world away (having seen none of it) … turned on the TV in early morning — and PRESTO! Just caught the final shot and crowd going nuts. Whatttt?? This was sudden-death overtime? Against USA’s finest? It was hard to believe what we’d just caught by pure fluke.

    Then we watched Australian re-runs. Wow what an event. So proud.

    As I said in our blog, you could hear 35 million Canadians exhale 15,000 km away!

    Congrats on you fine blog! – Peter

  4. ben viccari Says:

    Hi you two.

    Pinned in a 91-year-old body with no sense of balance, I have followed your wonderful journeying viccariously (pun intended) and enviously.

    Hope Bill will introduce us personally on your safe return.

    Best wishes,

    Ben Viccari

  5. donna Says:

    I watched everything I could feast my eyes on Ben.

    I watched the opening ceremonies from start to finish – a first for me and what a show. I loved seeing Alex Bilodeau win the first gold and could feel the joy so much that I felt like one of the family!

    When the final hockey game started I was at a baby shower. All the girls, the ladies and even the grannies where checking their mobile devices to peek at the status. I got home and called up to Bill “Who won?” He replied “They’re still playing.” So I got to see the winning goal, and again I felt like one of the family – I guess I am!