DISS sponsored by the Rotary Club of Toronto

( Canscene) — Mixed Company Theatre has announced a new sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Toronto for their new play about youth violence, DISS, that will tour schools March 22 – April 16. This acclaimed production, premiered in 2009, focuses on gang presence in our neighbourhoods and the pressures youth face finding social connection and identity.

DISS incorporates raps based on experiences with violence and covers topics including snitching, family relationships, friendship, theft, gun violence and many other issues that affect young people in communities with gang presence.

“The first step in confronting the problems of youth violence is bringing issues into the open and facing the drama that is played out with terrible consequences,” says Ric Williams, Member of the Rotary Club of Toronto board. DISS facilitates this through a narrative that doesn’t shame individuals or damage lives. Engaging us all in our shared reality leads to involvement in the issues, and, eventually, the development of solutions and new norms for living together. We are proud to be involved with DISS, and we honour their contribution to a better life in our communities”.

Created in collaboration with the Toronto Police Service and youth who have experienced violence, the play presents the worst-case scenarios of gang involvement, catalyzing audience members to express their voices to make our communities safer.
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