Some changes I’d like to see…

This completely skipped my mind last month so here goes with my wish list for 1010…

  • May the Man from ING buy a pink silk tie and wear it on his commercials;
  • CTV news anchor and program host Sandie Rinaldo ( she of the lank locks) please go see a hair stylist;
  • And PM Harper, if that’s not a rug you’re wearing why not let it blow around a little, let some air into that thicktatorial  head of yours;
  • And, CBC, why not answer consumers’ complaint letters?
  • Minister Jason Kenney, it’s MULTICULTURALISM not plurality, just in case you’re thinking of tinkering with the Constitution and the Charter;
  • Will Price is Right host  Drew Carey stop repeating himself, in fact, will he give greater dignity to the show or depart? I’m sick of seeing those boobs bobbing up and down as the contestants mount the stage and he willingly succumbs to their advances. Yucchhhh…
  • Will Russell Oliver get off the air?
  • From Sinatra to Jackson the sound of American women screaming has sullied the ears of sensitive citizens. The real scream dates back to Canadian actress Fay Wray (King Kong,  1933) who did it best.  And that’s where it should have stopped!


2 Responses to “Some changes I’d like to see…”

  1. Frank de Brune Says:

    To your list, I would add:

    May Stephen Harper go down to defeat.

  2. ben viccari Says:

    Good to hear from you Frank after some months. Please keep the comments coming.