One more list? I get personal

After much soul searching, I came up with my twelve favourite motion pictures of all time. Here they are divided into three language sections: English, French and Italian.

Lawrence of Arabia
Citizen Kane
Singin in the Rain

Les Enfants du Paradis
La Grande Illusion
Le Salaire de la Peur

Roma Citta Aperta
Ladri di Biciclette

Lawrence, above all, is worthy of special mention due to the efforts of director David Lean and Producr Sam Spiegel in bringing it to its monumental reality.

The sheer logistics (without the aid of digitally produced extras) are in these days almost unbelievable and as the accompanyng documentary making of reveals, show us what mighty effort went into a towering work of art.

Were I to essay a No. 2 list Lean would feature prominently with Great Expectations, Bridge on the River Kwai, Dr. Zhivago and (with Noel Coward) In Which We Serve.


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