Back to the original

(Canscene) — Sickened by the publicity being showered on the Twilight series romanticizing the vampire, I turned to my well-thumbed copy of Bram Stoker’s original.
lugosiBela Lugosi, iconic film Dracula
It was literally amazing to find how well the story was told, each diary insertion by one or other of the leading characters moving the narrative forward to a thunderous climax, suspenseful to the last page.

What’s more, it’s surprising to find humour in these horrendous pages, for Stoker rendered Van Helsing’s narratives in “broken” English that often proved amusing.

Jonathan and Mina Harker, Arthur Holmwood and Lucy Westenra, John Seward and Mr. Renfield and above all without any redeeming virtues, the evil Count — it was good to be with you again!


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