What next?

With Ben Vicarri, you never know. Now into his second year of 90s, he has begun to hand off responsiblities to others. He resigned as president of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association after nine years but remains a board member.

He recently stopped recording video “Commentaries” for OMNI TV and for the past few years has declined his press pass for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Even keeping up with the monthly Canscene has been interrupted by recovery from viral pneumonia and the necessities of coping with the inevitable problems of advancing years. (Hence my guest column appearance this month).

Will Canscene keep going as a blog? Who knows? Maybe the pressure of filling it up every month will become irksome. But I do know this… Ben is an active intellect who still has all his marbles. He will continue to voice his opinions, keep contact with friends and indulge in his passions for reading and watching films.

Canscene might stop, but Ben won’t.

— BA

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