Are some unions digging own graves?

(Canscene) — The civic workers’ strikes in Windsor and Toronto have  met with  severe condemnations by citizens, according to polls taken during the strikes.

It may be safely assumed that some of these critics are themselves members of unions other than those representing the strikers.

In the interest of the residents of Ontario and visitors to the province the motives of the union leaders of the civic employee strikes can only be considered unpatriotic,  anti-social and even subversive to democracy.

One can imagine with what zest Harrisite Tim Hudak and his  Progressive(?)Conservatives, now the official opposition in the Ontario Legislature are slavering to use this recent example of “irresponsible use of power by unions” sin the 2011 provincial election campaign.

Now is the time for all unions to recognize that in spite of the rosy forecasts of an improving future Ontario has been in the grip of a recession and that low employment rates are expected to continue.  The voluntary cuts taken by auto workers’ unions shame those who flaunt their power in such an autocratic manner as civic workers in Toronto and Windsor.

And let’s  not forget the same goes for CEOs and their enormous compensation packages. Also,  let’s not forget that Toronto city councillors sent a challenge to CUPE when they permitted themselves a raise in salaries earlier this year.

Creeping fascism is abroad in this land as in many other countries  and unless they recognize the need for all Canadians to pull together, CEOs and unions and politicians alike may one day wake up to find their freedom gone in the name of “order.”

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