Disturbing signs

(Canscene) — Thunder on the left, secrecy and subterfuge on the right lead one to hope that contrary to Yeats’ dire, predictive poem The Second Coming, the centre will hold. For democracy’s sake — because that’s what’s at stake right now.

Generally, Labour’s demands selfishly deny that the crisis in which we find ourselves requires sacrifices on the part of everyone in society. Similarly old-style capitalists still cling to the trickle down mirage of laissez faire.

In spite of assurances that Canada is weathering the recession that, according to Stephen Harper a few months ago, “never was” but has proven all too real, Democracy is at stake in Canada.

The tabling of Bill 47: technical assistance to law enforcement officers is a genuine threat to the civil rights of any Canadian who operates a web site. While the internet is being used to some extent for undeniably subversive purposes, this new act opens the door to a widespread closing down of sites disapproved by the PMO.

Wake up, Canada!

3 Responses to “Disturbing signs”

  1. Bill Says:

    Ben, I am delighted to see your coverage here about the dreadful Bill C-47. May I refer readers to Michael Geist’s site, for further information. Dr Geist has been spearheading resistance to impingement on our rights to free communication for some time.

    How soon can we ditch this rotten Conservative government and get Canada back on track? This autumn at the latest, I hope.

  2. Ben Says:

    Creeping fascism, Bill

  3. Peter Sever Says:

    Oops, apologies, spoke too quickly without reading up — C-47 is not about web control. Just read Michael Geist. Feel free to not post my hip-shooting last note … cheers -Peter