A matter of taste

(Canscene) — The election victory of Barrack Obama spoke volumes for a man who, sensing a need for change, seized the imagination of the American people.

This is an achievement to be admired, studied and above all, respected. And Obama would probably be the last person to silence his critics. But it becomes in inexcusable bad taste to involve a president or any other public figure in an advertising campaign without their permission.

Especially when that advertiser lives and does business in another country.

That’s why the recent television and newspaper ads of Mel Lastman’s Bad Boy stores featuring an Obama look alike promoting the stores’ goods and finishing with the odious “Nooobody!” bring shame to Canadian advertising.

It would appear that in the last days of the month of May, these distasteful print and television were discontinued.

One Response to “A matter of taste”

  1. Bill Says:

    Right on, Ben. Bad taste is the hallmark of Bad Boy advertising. Always has been. It’s consistently the dumbest, ugliest advertising on TV, but I guess they know their customers.