The saga of Wheezy Rider and Thao

(Canscene) — At last report, motorbike traveller-diarists Peter Sever and his partner Thao Ngyuen were in Iran, waiting for the necessary permits to reach South Asian countries.


Thao came here from Viet Nam as a baby and is a school teacher and Peter, an immigrant from Prague many years ago has had a varied but successful entrepreneurial career including the successful importing of La Vida, the Cuban ballet that was such a hit at the first Luminato, two years ago. Black Bike, their Honda is the chosen vehicle for their trip

Their trip around the world began July 15 last year with their arrival by plane in London, England. Their diary began on that day and you can find it by clicking this link to

After England and Scotland, they crossed to Europe where they visited a number of countries including Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and Romania. You can click on each country visited to find some amusing personal records of their delights and disappointments. For instance, they were happy quickly to get out of Greece, where everything they encountered seemed to require a bribe and return to Italy for an extensive and enjoyable tour.

Right now, the latest news on the Wheezy Rider and Thao website is that having undergone many problems in passing through Arab countries they are in Iran awaiting an overland passage to Pakistan and India. They are meeting with a good reception from Iranians.

Check the site regularly for the progress of Black Bike and its riders.

Word has just reached us that Peter, Thao and the Black Bike have made it into Pakistan and are looking for a quick exit into India. Their account of the journey to Quetta is hair-raising, as you’ll find out by checking


One Response to “The saga of Wheezy Rider and Thao”

  1. Peter Sever Says:

    Why thank you Ben! Very kind of you.

    Hopefully tomorrow (Sat) we get our Pakistan visas — in Shallah — the Embassy is open for customer service, 2 hours a day, 2 days a week! Nice job they have eh?
    We missed Wed by 30 min — they had the times posted wrong. Grrrr.

    Such small problems to have …

    Best wishes – Peter & Thao