Master gatherer anthologizes himself

a-far-cry(Canscene) — John Robert Colombo’s latest publication offers us 365 of his poems written daily during 2008. adding one more volume to the more than 200 original writings and anthologies by this Canadian literary phenomenon, aka the master gatherer. The 192 page book also contains the author’s dream diary for 2008.

This volume presents a wide ranging choice of subjects for John Robert’s poetry from the lyrical to the whimsical. It is published by Colombo and Company at $30 (Cdn) and may be ordered through bookstores.

Puffed with pride, I find myself on page 65 with John Robert’s 90th birthday wishes for me —Chimo! repeated 90 times. It was not long ago that he and I exchanged a word or two on the way this uniquely Canadian toast has fallen into disuse.

It was during Canada’s Centennial year that our mutual friend John “Mr. Canada” Fisher had proposed the use of this Inuit word Chimo, a word of greeting, farewell, and toast once widely spoken in the Inuktitut language in northern Canada. All went well since most of us were raising glasses at many functions, but Chimo fell into a decline as we Canadians once again crept back into our self-conscious shells.

So to all of you whether we toast each other in lemonade or champagne, let’s bring back Chimo!

On May 10, 2009, John Robert Colombo will receive the Humanist of the Year Award of the Toronto Humanist Association.


One Response to “Master gatherer anthologizes himself”

  1. Bill Says:

    I’ve recently read “A Far Cry”, too, Ben and enjoyed it as much as you did. It’s fun to follow JRC’s mental gymnastics and it’s a interesting slice of his life, both waking and sleeping!