The sport that kills

(Canscene) — I’m not easily shocked but a recent announcement by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association did remind me of the evil that lurks amongst us. Garry Breitkreuz, a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament would present a draw prize of a Beretta semi-automatic handgun at the association’s annual dinner in Toronto.

This surprise announcement raised the hackles of chiefs of police across Canada and caused the Prime Minister and members of his government to run for cover.

Breitkreuz will not attend the dinner and furthermore will not present his private member’s bill to end Canada’s gun registry.

But the damage has been done and compounds such suspicious official actions as Prime Minister Harper’s recent speech to the far right Manning Institute, a western enclave of Tory ideology. And since disciplining Breitkreuz the government has issued its own challenge to gun registry legislation.


2 Responses to “The sport that kills”

  1. Frank deBrune Says:

    The phrase “gun nut” might have been created for Mr Breitkreuz. Are the PMO’s tight wraps coming off Conservative MPs? If so, Mr Harper will have plenty more to be embarrassed about.

  2. ben viccari Says:

    Bravo, Frank!