Passing the buck

Passing the Buck
(Canscene) Last month, Prime Minister Harper spoke at a fundraiser for Preston Manning’s think tank: the Manning Institute. The event was not announced to the media possibly since Harper was smiling on Manning, the unregenerate ideologue I once heard question our Charter of Rights and Multicultural Act. Nevertheless, the news got out.

Harper had some harsh words for the Liberals. He painted them with the same socialistic brush that the Republican Party of the United States uses to label all small “l” liberals. A Toronto Star editorial was highly critical of the speech.

Here’s the letter Ben Viccari wrote to the editor of the Toronto Star, which was published March 20.

Dear Editor

“Your timely editorial on Stephen Harper’s speech to the fundraiser for the Manning Institute indicates that our Prime Minister is operating with two sets of values, tucked away in that Pandora’s Box, the PMO. The speech to which media apparently were not invited raises the question “Can the Leopard change its spots?”

“At a fundraiser for Preston Manning’s pet project he’s almost back to where as president of the National Citizens’ Coalition he spoke to a Chicago audience, accusing us of being a third rate socialist country among other derogatory remarks he made about us.

”I have made several requests for a copy of that Chicago diatribe to the National Citizens’ Coalition but understandably have received no acknowledgment. I am sure a copy exists at The Star and suggest you would be doing Canadians a signal service in  reprinting it in full.

“Then let’s see how our cheerless leader reacts.”

I was informed by e-mail that the National Citizens’ Coalition had no record of Harper’s speeches while a member of their staff said he spoke from notes only. They suggested I apply directly to the Prime Minister. Knowing the record of his office for co-operation with media, I’m not going to bother.

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