The last word

(Canscene) — There’s gotta be something better than this!

As a recent consignee to a rigorous low-sodium diet (target 1500 milligrams per day), I have become a constant seeker of foods that provide me with enjoyable meals.

I, like other “Losodes” in Canada  feel a victim of  corporate negligence in food retailing. One has to peer at food labels to determine the sodium content, often to find cryptic cross references which are difficult to work out on the spot.

I have a weight problem, too — piling on a few pounds to remedy a striking weight loss in recent years.

In the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of other Canadians may be in the same boat, I intend to start up a special page on low-sodium foods and where to obtain them.  For instance, the internet tells me that the Heinz company in the United States have a no sodium ketchup on the market  and I queried Heinz Canada here but  Heinz Canada responded to my inquiry with a flat “no,” giving no reason wny.

It seems to me that Canadian losodes are considered second class North American citizens when corporations like to brag about our integrated economies.

What we need is an exchange of information.  Perhaps there are Canadian retailers that carry lines of low and no-sodium packaged goods like certain Health Smart canned soups, which would make a welcome change from  the endlessly monotonous reduced sodium beef and chicken broths.

The Low sodium page will refuse to carry magical nostrums or crank advice or in any other way to promote information that the medical profession would not approve.  It is merely a non-profit exchange of information that will help us determine where to find low sodium ingredients for our meals and also to publish medically valid recipes.

If you’re interested, please visit


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