Move over Mrs. Malaprop!

(Canscene) — Sheridan’s 18th century comedy The Rivals introduced Mrs. Malaprop, a woman given to blunders in the use of the English language. Here are just a couple:  “He is the very pineapple (pinnacle) of success”and “I have since laid Sir Anthony’s preposition (proposition) before her.”

gwb-quoteHowever the rights to recognition as the crowned head of the malapropism must now surely pass to the formere president of the United States.

It’s a matter of record that in his speeches, he used such words as “anecdotes” when he shoild have  said “antidotes” and “perpetuators” instead of “perpetrators.”  The Toronto Star recently listed 40  such glaring examples which suggest that the former president is a master at spooking the English language.

2 Responses to “Move over Mrs. Malaprop!”

  1. Brenda Lohman Says:

    What I can’t figure out is how come he wasn’t monitored more closely for his public speaking engagements once it was know how badly he would mangle the English language – still his mistakes were very funny weren’t they?

  2. ben viccari Says:

    Yes Brenda and all the more reason why we should keep ridiculing the worst president ever. It seems we’ll never be able to nail him on war crime chatrges, along with Blair, bu there’s no reason we should forget his culpability.