Words we can do without

(Canscene) — How often I’ve jested about the man I most despise’s inability to pronounce “nuclear’” correctly. And Dubya is still doing it.

Now, I blush as I hear a man I admire, Ontario Minister of Economic Development Michael Bryant come out over the air with “nu-cal-ar.”  Please Mr. Bryant!

And,  please fellow journalists; can we soft-pedal on 2008’s most overused words, “iconic” and “famously.”

And to all: it’s FEBRUARY not “FEBYOUARY.” !!!!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Words we can do without”

  1. frank de Brune Says:

    Let’s also say goodbye to the phrases “not so much” and “that being said”. Now that McCain and Palin are fading into the background, we could do without “maverick”, too.

  2. Bill Andersen Says:

    Let’s dump “awesome”, “staycation”, “bailout” and “game changer”.

    I wouldn’t miss “recovery plan”, “touch base” or “accused murderer”, either.

    “Value added” and “synergy” are overdue for retirement. And how about this one? “I’m outta here”.

  3. ben viccari Says:

    and Frank, I notice that two old favourites have crept back

    “At this point in time”


    “At the end of the day.”

  4. Bill Andersen Says:

    Oh, yes!
    “At the end of the day” is an awful one.
    “At this point in time” manages to use 21 keystrokes to say “now”.

    I am also fed up with politicians who claim to be “moving forward”.