Things we’d like to see change

(Canscene) – First, may the Canadian Tories, Liberals and NDPers and — down south,  the Republicans and Democrats, get off the bitter and wasteful bandwagons of revenge politics and turn their thoughts to true patriotism.

May the media stop making headline news of every possible negative incident.

May our own Canadian youth become inspired to understand and participate in the politics of the nation. And may whoever is Prime Minister in 2009 make this a key target.

May good Queen Elizabeth’s hat designer create headgear that doesn’t make her look as though she’s wearing an inverted plant pot.

May some enterprising midway operator feature a three shoes for five dollar chance to hit the effigy of George W.Bush, giving us a chance for fun as well as trying to laugh at why this lame duck, lame-brain insists on going a-meddling abroad. (prize: a Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or Condoleeza Rice plush doll) 

And please, CTV anchor Sandy Rinaldo honour your gracious countenance with a  hairdo that does  it justice — not those frumpy,  lank locks that you wear.

A quick pink slip to the person(s) responsible for the constantly erroneous listings in the Toronto Star weekly TV guide!


One Response to “Things we’d like to see change”

  1. Doug Says:

    Thanks for the Sandy Rinaldo hair comment. I’ve been thinking the same thing for months!

    I’ll take 10 tickets for the midway game. May I have big, steel-toed work boots, please?