These  interesting times

(Canscene) — As 2009 approaches I still find this the most challenging of all times in which to sermonize, speculate, predict.

What is believed by some to be an ancient Chinese curse, but never authenticated: “May you live in interesting times”  most certainly defines the year ahead.

More like horrific than “interesting” times as we mark a massive acceleratiion of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Plus depressing news from other zones of conflict.

January 1, as a universally accepted way of marking time is not, we know, the time for all heritage celebrations. But with these greetings, we honour all with what we hope and pray will see a beginning of progress toward a world in which peace and not violence,  sustenance  and not starvation and respect for the rights of all men, women and children to share this space called Earth.


One Response to “These  interesting times”

  1. Bill Andersen Says:

    Hear, hear!!!