Canada “envronmental pariah’ says newsletter

(Canscene) — The following is excerpted from the Gallon Environmental Newsletter for December:

At the recent UN global climate change discussions in Poland, Canada received the “Fossil of the Day” award more often than any other country. In the eleven years since the Kyoto Protocol was negotiated, Canada has gone from global environmental leader to global environmental pariah. Even our previous friends in the circle of Kyoto denyers, the US and Australia, have left us behind as they now move to seek out constructive solutions to the global warming challenge. Canada is risking a major global boycott of our goods and services because of our decisions to depend on dinosaurs for both fuel and governance.

The environmental outlook for the private sector is somewhat more positive. A greater number of companies are publishing environmental performance reports. Environment, led by energy, is playing a greater role in the marketplace than ever before. Companies that ignore the public’s interest in improved environmental performance are beginning to experience the costs of their folly. We expect that more will do so in the future.


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