Lame-brained, lame duck philosophy challenges reason

(Canscene)  At the onset of the recent G 20 summit there was host outgoing  President George W. Bush mouthing off again about the importance of the same free market economy that, unchecked, led to the beginning of this global crisis.

Bush and his puppet master  Cheney suffer from the same psychological confusion that has plagued American politics for many years: labelling men and women with progressive ideas liberals and socialists.

While I pride myself on being a small “l” liberal but not a socialist I must in all fairness admit that socialist parties in  some parts of the world have governed well and fairly.

With President-elect Obama standing in the wings awaiting what will arguably be the most-attended inauguration in American history, let’s hope Bush and Cheney aren’t planning a barrage of name-calling against the new president.

Already in the campaign the derogatory use of “liberal” and “socialist” has  appeared in blogs that descended to the intellectual levels of the KKK.

One recalls, too, the character assassination classic of the 1950s, Senator Joe McCarthy’s attempt to prove that the U.S Army was riddled with communist spies. Here one can do no better than to refer you to George’ Colony’s Goodnight and Good luck, the DVD of which can be obtained for as little as $5.00 at  at Wallmart bargain bins. It’s at rental outlets too, but is well worth personal ownership to watch, time and again, how newsman Edward R. Murrow, his producer Fred Friendly and lawyer Joseph Welch put down McCarthy

And while we’re at it, in his choice of partner in pushing the  invasion of Iraq, Bush chose the head of  Britain’s Labour Party which has its own  roots in old fashioned socialism. That pretty pair should consider themselves lucky they haven’t been condemned as war criminals for their blunderous venture into Iraq based on fictive data.

That Bush did little to convert his colleagues at the summit to his laissez faire ideologies is a matter of record.

So for now and for all time, please shut up, Dubya Bush!

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