Where is Canada headed?

(Canscene) — It’s almost impossible to comment intelligently on the economic situation that we Canadians find ourselves in.

The minority government that we recently elected is going to have its work cut out to deal with what — at the time of writing — PM Harper insists isn’t a recession but what our collective gut feeling tells us is.

This is a time for all Canadians to insist our federal politicians think of the nation as a whole and not just three prairie provinces which must be coddled up to as a reward for their fidelity.

Even though the basilisk of Parliament Hilll chooses to cloister himself in the sanctorum of the PMO and ignores personal accountability for his edicts, there’s one right we all have: the power of personal protest. So don’t give up the ship of state to the enemies of true democracy.

Write letters, send e-mail, pester your MPs:– above all keep the struggle for democratic government alive. Remember, they’re still in the minority!

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