The myth of laissez-faire

(Canscene) — One of the most preposterous statements coming from a “pundit” on the North American economy I heard was that the current partial forfeiture of our civil liberties to help overcome the world financial crisis may be necessary but in about 30-35 years, we’d be able to return to the old laissez faire economy.

Squandering the lesson learned from the Great Depression, capitalism returned to a dog-eat-dog system by which because of a “trickle down” philosophy, wealth was supposed to enrich all sectors of the economy, from the CEO to the office cleaner.

But the buck stopped in the offices of CEOs who were granted supernormal powers to write their own tickets to paradise.

As a believer in enlightened capitalism offering each of us the chance to prosper according to our chosen labors I still acknowledge we must face the fact that we’re never going to return to laissez faire, which we had only partially, anyway, ever since we began to pay income taxes.

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