Here we go again!

Canscene) — One of the things I find curious about Prime Minister Harper’s recent cabinet appointments is his raising the number of cabinet ministers from thirty-one to thirty- eight. He has included a number of achievers but also washouts like Stockwell Day, Rona Ambrose and Peter McKay. To please local interests, he’s still giving a nod to persons who don’t deserve to be in cabinet.

Thirty-eight? That’s getting close to a third of all Conservative Members of Parliament now sitting. Now with another eight of them, the government must find funding for their offices and staff — for everything from paper clips to new stationery to a bar for visiting firemen.

With a cash-strapped government operating in what the Prime Minister persists in denying is a recession, how can the government justify this extra expenditure?

Perhaps when this minority government decides it’s time for a change, the Tories’ next election strategy could be embodied in a new slogan:

“Get elected and become a cabinet minister!”

A cabinet minister for every Tory household. Just think of that.

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