What hidden agenda?

There’s still talk of Prime Minister Harper’s “hidden agenda” which is an exercise in futility since the Reform/Alliance/Conservative agenda has been plain from the outset.

At a media conference I hosted more than a decade ago, Preston Manning openly declared he’d rescind the Multiculturalism Act of Parliament and would even consider changes to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Stockwell Day was a little less vocal but nonetheless in agreement with Manning on the subject but Harper has even appointed Jason Kenney as secretary of state (Multiculturalism and Canadian identity). One questions his eventual goal when in some quarters “Canadian identity” is held in  direct opposition to “multiculturalism.”

The fact remains that to a majority of Conservative  supporters in Western Canada, the old redneck values still hold, even though economic conditions are attracting more and more immigrants.

Surprisingly enough, Chris Reid, a gay Ontario M.P. was forced to resign his seat because of questionable remarks on his blog that were worthy of any rednecked Westerner.

And Harper’s surly attitude towards funding  the arts speaks for itself.

If Harper wins power again, whether as a minority or majority leader, we’ll soon see whether we’re right about an oppressive, anti-liberal  agenda as indicated by bills C-10 and C50 and those drastic cuts to arts funding.

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