Texas, a state or a……..?

(Canscene) — As Hurricane Ike approached, the number of Texans who said they’d ignore the danger and stay put was literally amazing and alarming.

Maybe Texans are still moved by the Alamo tradition at which the Texan spirit of rebellion was forged in a self-declared republic before statehood arrived in 1845. And we all know what happened in 1836 in San Antonio, as if Texans would let us forget it.

And then there was the obstreperous Texan rancher whose name has graced many a dissident: Thomas Maverick.

Looking back on the recent disastrous records of the Bush family and what has happened in the United States since Bush the father preceded Bush the son one cannot but wonder whether the Lone Star State isn’t more of an attitude than a state of the union.

One Response to “Texas, a state or a……..?”

  1. admin Says:

    Isn’t Sarah Palin out to make Alaska a second Texas?

    Jeff Hallloway