A regrettable display of bad taste

(Canscene)     In my extended family, two male children were born with Down Syndrome: one is now in his thirties, the other a pre-teen.

I know how the loving care of their parents has helped them to develop and live in confidence  in a world in which they are different from others around them. Indeed they are special.

All the more reason I was shocked to see the potential vice president of the United States using her own special baby in an especially obnoxious Tv appearance.  Grasping the poor child like a sack of potatoes in one arm, she used the other arm to wave at the cheering crowds who in their abysmal ignorance thought that this was something indeed noble.

Down syndrome children, above all, need respect, and this disgraceful parading of an infant  as a campaign prop is to me a mark of the woman who could become president of the United States, if John McCain’s health should take a turn for the worse. One only has to look at his presence on television to consider his abrupt demise as a distinct possibility.

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