A matter of manners

(Canscene) — I haven’t had much opportunity to visit other cities than Toronto in the last few years, but sincerely hope street manners are better in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax and Montreal than they are here.

That the behavior of both motorists and cyclists leaves much to be desired is obvious, but there are many other annoying sights and sounds.

People with cellphones glued to their ears ignore other pedestrians, especially the disabled with canes, walkers or wheelchairs. I’ve nothing against the discreet use of cellphones by pedestrians– not however in vehicles– but at least walk with your attention to your surroundings, not as though in a hypnotic trance.

Young bucks charge revolving doors mindless of whether children or the aged are in the compartment in front of them. And in supermarkets, mothers with broods of children tend to let their shrieking kids roam at random mindless of not only the impediments to other shoppers but the temptations they present to predators.

And of course, panhandlers who block the pavement at intersections so that those whose mobility is impaired have to move around them

And at all times, the owners of pit bulls who allow their psychotic killer dogs to slump in the middle of sidewalks forcing the wary to give them a wide berth.

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