PM’s authoritarian stance challenged

(Canscene) — According to a recent Canadian Press dispatch, Peter Russell, political scientist and professor emeritus of the University of Toronto, Prime Minister Harper’s lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Canada is “characteristic of authoritarian governments.”

The Liberals have filed an affidavit of defence against the $3.5 million suite Harper launched last year claiming that the Liberals had accused Harper of attempted bribery of former Tory MP the late Chuck Cadman. The Liberals  claim the lawsuit is unconstitutiomal.

The first hearing of the case begins September 22 in Ottawa.

2 Responses to “PM’s authoritarian stance challenged”

  1. Bill Andersen Says:

    Is Harper an authoritarian or an outlaw? His government enacts fixed election dates and now who is threatening to be the first to break the law?

  2. Frank de Brune Says:

    Ha! Harper is a LEADER, you see, not a FOLLOWER. As leader, he sets rules for others to follow. He doesn’t make laws that apply to himself, silly.