The last word

(Canscene) –The following is excerpted from Barack Obama’s speech to  to supporters after his victory in the Oregon primary. I make no apology for repeating it for a second month.

Change is a tax code that rewards work instead of wealth……..

Change is a health-care plan that guarantees insurance to every American who wants it.

Change is an energy policy that doesn’t  rely on buddying-up to the Saudi royal family and then begging for it……..

Change is giving every child a world-class education by recruiting an army of new teachers with better pay and more support……..

Change is ending a war that we should never have started

Change is finishing a war against El Qaeda in Afghanistan that we never should have ignored.

……The choice in this election is more of the same versus change.  It’s the past versus the future. It has been asked and answered by generations before us.  And now it is our turn to choose.

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