The last word

Canscene) — If ever there were an ill-timed flurry of publicity around a disaster scenario it’s now, with self-styled pundits citing evidence from an ancient Mayan calendar, that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012 with the media reporting these beliefs extensively.

Let’s take a look a a worst case scenario this new prediction could exacerbate.

Fundamentalists could say “what the Hell, we saw it coming,” anti-environmentalists could say what’s the use of thinking and acting green? and fatalists and nihilists cold be prodded into total anarchy if they fail to see how so many predictions of this kind have been made through the centuries, a major one of which was that death and destruction would rain down on us in the year 2,000. Remember Y2K?

The 2012 prediction is the stuff of supermarket tabloids. This time, let’s try to confine it to them.

2 Responses to “The last word”

  1. Bill Andersen Says:

    Where have I been? I hadn’t even heard of the (latest) upcoming end of the world.

    Does anyone recall the End of the World sketch by the English “Beyond the Fringe” comedy troupe?

    A small clutch of devoted believers had gathered to witness the conflagration, expected at that very moment “according to ancient pyramidic scrolls and me Ingersoll watch”.

    Of course the World failed to end… but they weren’t working with a Mayan calendar, were they?

  2. Ben Says:

    Yes, Bill I do recall that sketch which I saw when the Beyond the Fringe grop played here, but I couldn’t remember the lines. Thanks.

    By the way the 21/12 has been around for some time now

    Thanks for the comment,