Immigrant series gets prestigious imprimatur

Arrival Survival Canada
by Nick and Sabrina Noorani
Oxford University Press,
328 Pages

(Canscene) — The Oxford University Press has launched its Canadian Newcomer Series, the first of which is reviewed in this issue.


While specifically addressing the informational needs of new arrivals in Canada, this is as much a book for established Canadians as new immigrants. Because…..

…….If we are to acknowledge our responsibilities as citizens of a country that needs and welcomes immigrants we need to know how this country works and here it is in he first of a series of Oxford University Press books. Arrival Survival Canada can be of real assistance in helping answer new immigrants’ questions.

Arrival Survival Canada, outlines in clear English how to cope with situations from finding shelter to making temporary arrangements for health coverage until acceptance in Canada’s free health care system. Canadian laws and institutions such as levels of government and the courts are also explained clearly and succinctly.

Fittingly the authors of this helpful vade mecum are themselves immigrants and seasoned journalists . Naeem “Nick” Noorani and his wife Sabrina are publishers and editors of The Canadian Immigrant, a monthly newspaper published in Vancouver and Toronto. They arrived here 10 years ago from Mumbai via a stay in Dubai and began their newspaper four years ago.

The book is effective not only because of its content but due to its design which offers brief illustrated sidebars with immigrants’ success stories and also glossaries appended to some section explaining usage of such word and terms as civil law and common law in the legal section and term deposit and traveller’s cheques in the banking section.

Many of us who have lived in Canada all our lives or for a very long time could benefit from reading this as a refresher course in what Canada offers.

It is available in bookstores now at $29.95 and this spring Oxford University Press will introduce a new volume, How to Find a Job in Canada.

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