TV today: bouncers and ego-trippers

(Canscene) — I only hope people who see my commentaries on OMNI-TV don’t get the same reaction from my image as I do from the bouncers and ego-trippers I can’t always avoid. Maybe pot shouldn’t call the kettle… but here goes, anyway.

What I call bouncers are the men and women who participate in game shows like The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal. Forever jumping and down, shrieking like banshees, even doing cartwheels, they rush to the podium to accept their prizes. One amusing thing is that with winners of the female sex who are of certain proportions, one can always tell whether they’re wearing a bra. By the time they reach the MC, they’re ready to devour him or her with arm locks and wet kisses.

Even more annoying are the ego-trippers: men and women who in spite of their Thespian shortcomings, persist in doing their own commercials. Inspired no doubt by Bad Boy and erstwhile politician Mel Lastman ( who can really carry off his own commercials) these inept word jugglers guarantee that I will never darken their doors.

One, who buys old jewellery and gold, assumes a variety of costumes like Superman tights, ten-gallon hats. In his latest he’s backed —Oh yeah! — by a pretty inept chorus line.

The other ego-tripper who tops my list sports an immense, patriarchal beard and sells furniture from the backs of elephants or from his showroom as he makes his pitch in a monotone.

And there are more, but for now let’s let the matter rest as I wish these pitchmen would go away – or take acting lessons

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