The PMO and libel chill

(Canscene) — Most Canadians whose political sentiments are somewhat left of Attila the Hun have long questioned the goings-on in at Prime Minister Harper’s office, known as the PMO.

Since Harper’s reputation as a control freak is well-known, it follows that he and his minions regard the PMO as the seat of all power.
Lately, the leaking of statements concerning the sincerity of both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama in their claims to re-examine NAFTA have become attributable to one of the top denizens of the PMO, Chief-of-staff Ian Brodie and even Ambassador Michael Wilson.

Liberal leader Stephane Dion and other opposition MP’s pounced on the information that MPs tried to bribe independent Chuck Cadman to return to the Tory fold for a crucial vote that could have toppled the Martin government. Cadman refused and voted Liberal. 1550174274.jpgNow, Tom Zytaruk a Vancouver journalist is bringing out a book titled Like a Rock: The Chuck Cadman story, in which the “bribe” incident is recorded.

The threat to sue the Liberal Party is an example of attempted libel chill that went awry. Refusal by Stephane Dion to apologize has brought about an actual writ which one presumes will take months, even years to filter through the courts to trial stage.

If Harper and his staff thought that libel chill would set in against the publication of Like a Rock, they were wrong. I spoke to a representative of Harbour Publishers who said the launch was on course for mid-March and also to Indigo/Chapters bookstores who would not be deterred from selling it.

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