Thinkers or front men ?

(Canscene) – To the number of right wing think tanks like the Fraser Institute and the Donner Foundation that front for laissez faire business and industry, add Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a Winnipeg-based organization I’d never heard of until I received from the centre a book titled Unstoppable Global Warming — Every 1,500 Years.

warming.jpgDon’t worry about global warming; it’s happened before, every 1,500 years. That’s the message physicist Fred Singer and science journalist Dennis Avery are trying to convey in the book, published last year and delivered to me recently, unsolicited.

The authors claim their exhaustive research proves that, approximately every 1500 years, we experience a warming period such as we’re undergoing now. “They piece together clues from ice cores, tree rings, ocean sediments and stalagmites to reconstruct Earth’s temperatures over the eons, “says the covering letter from Peter Holle, president of the Frontier Centre in a letter accompanying the book and addressed to me.

Now let’s look at the facts. Three thousand years ago, there were only an estimated 50 million men women and children.on earth and 1,500 years ago when the earth’s estimated population was only 90 million we were still a long way from the coming of the Industrial Revolution, the automobile and the importance of fossil fuels to our daily needs, plus such other factors as the methane gas from animal waste needed to feed the now 6 billion and growing inhabitants of this planet. Plus endless eruptions of armed conflict and an unbridled entrepreneurial system that gets a tacit nod from conservative governments in Canada and the United States.

The unprecedented population explosion threatens to rise even higher, exacerbating the problem and bringing down to ridicule the Avery-Singer pipe dream that says after the present warming period, mankind will still be around!

This book reminds me of a sick old joke about the mayor of a city about to be invaded telling a woman fear of rape to “relax and enjoy it.”

I’m almost tempted to think that this book labelled “New York Times Bestseller” may have been an April Fool joke that arried two months early.

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  1. gina valle Says:

    How come I somehow think that Mr. Singer and Mr. Avery’s paycheques are handled by the multinational oil companies.