Take off the blinkers!

(Canscene) –Once politicians  get elected, they begin to worry about their re-election chances, which tends to inhibit their acting in the long term interests of the people they represent.

It’s quite clear that George W. Bush is seeking to carve a place for himself in his country’s history before the end of his term. through his recent trip to the Middle East. But instead of doggedly concentrating on a lasting peace and territorial  settlement between Palestinians  and Israelis he was firing salvos at Iran and flitting from country to country trying to back up his oil policies.

Here  Stephen Harper is more concerned with the seeming  inevitability of a 2008 election than rallying a nation on any one point as he wavers on environmental issues and foreign and military policy.

Down South two very strong opponents are emerging for the Democratic nomination:” And  Obama and Clinton are both getting the attention of the younger voter which Canadian politicians have failed to do.

For our candidates, the big challenge  here is shaking up the youth vote, otherwise  the apathy of young people may still result in another minority government.

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