The ten best?……..well…

(Canscene) –Last month the Toronto International Film Festival published its list of the ten best Canadian feature films of 2007. All were screened at TIFF’s ‘07 film festival.

I found little to find disagreement with concerning six of the seven listed films I had seen at the festival. The exception was the inclusion of the Quebec film Continental: Un Film Sans Fusil, which I, like many others who saw it at TIFF 07 found pointless and by no means the epitome of black comedy its champions claimed.

That the voting committee had omitted Clement Virgo’s Poor Boy’s Game from the ten best list baffled me. With a cast headed by Danny Glover and including Rossif Sutherland, Tanya Lee Williams and Stephen McHattie, it tells with compassion the moving story of a father’s struggle to overcome hatred and a desire for revenge against a young hoodlum who has served time for a vicious beating of his son, robbing the lad of his full mental faculties. For a full review, see Canscene archive for September 2007.

Played against a background of black/white racial tension in Halifax, where a Black population dates back nearly 400 years, Poor Boy’s Game would be a highly appropriate film for release during Black History Month, February 2008.

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