Spotlighting the evil of child abuse


(Canscene) – On a quiet street in East End Toronto, I found myself dwarfed by Michael Irving’s massive bronze sculpture.

It’s the work of a practising psychotherapist and a sculptor of note. At the moment he has no place to store the piece, so it stands in his driveway. Michael sees it as a dramatic way of bringing the horror of child abuse to greater public attention.

He’s working on a companion piece to this one and seeking funds for its completion. The will form a graceful curve inviting the viewer inside to read the humanity of the messages

Michael hopes the two will stand in some prominent public place like Toronto’s Queen’s Park, at the northwest corner of College and the park, where the old University of Toronto greenhouses once stood. If he can get members of the McGuinty government to champion their eventual installation, he can start a fundraising campaign to enable him to complete the work.

The reason Michael attaches so much importance to his sculptures is a reminder of the violent abuse both sexual and physical that so many young people have undergone, just like Michael. He suffered tremendous and violent beatings from a drunkard mother but survived his experiences to live a fulfilled life dedicated to helping other victims.

Scupltor Michael Irving

See these hand prints Michael has incorporated into his sculpture? They’re the hand prints of real victims of abuse and although in cold silent bronze, speak aloud begging us to do everything we can to reduce the violence and horror of child abuse.

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