Gun registry: a moral issue for a law and order “champion”

(Cansene) –How Stephen Harper and his Conservatives love harping on the gun registry laws passed by the Liberals (pun intended)!

Quite apart from criticisms about the initially underestimated cost and parroting America’s Second Amendment, the Conservatives are completely overlooking the moral issues.

Professing to be champions of law and order they’re completely ignoring the foot soldiers of law and order — our police services.

Liberal Public Safety Critic Ujjal Dosanjh said recently:

“Gun smuggling is a major problem in this country and continues to make it more difficult for police to combat gangs and violent gun crime.

“Planned regulations will require companies importing firearms into Canada to stamp the country of origin on the weapons – a rule that could help control gun smuggling.”

Dosanjh was commenting on a joint letter from the heads of the Canadian Police Association, Canadian Association of Police Boards and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police calling on Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day not to delay the marking of all imported firearms.

Dosanjh urged the Harper government not to bow to pressures from the gun lobby. The Conservative government has stacked the Firearms Advisory Council almost entirely with people who have publicly called for less gun control in Canada, including some who have ties to the US-based National Rifle Association,” he said.

“One member of the Firearms Advisory Council even wrote a letter to the Ottawa Sun in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech University claiming that if more students had been armed, the tragedy could have been prevented!

“Canada’s police boards, police chiefs and rank-and-file officers are calling on this government to put the new firearms-marking regulations into effect now-without delay,” said Mr. Dosanjh. “This government must listen to Canadian law enforcement to keep guns out of the hands of gangs and criminals.”

Here’s the real issue. The Conservatives’ main support still comes from the prairie provinces where gun ownership is a status symbol and considered a citizen’s right.

And the sleazy National Rifle Association south of the border has poured millions into propaganda here in Canada.

Now that its former president, actor Charlton Heston has sunk into the oblivion of Alzheimer Disease, the NRA doesn’t enjoy the limelight it once did, but ,they’re still working insidiously to buoy up Canadian gun-lovers’ hopes for change. along with their willing echo, the National Firearms Association of Canada.

It’s time we all started watching Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine all over again.

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