Finally, something to sing (and dance) about

(Canscene) — One of the really enjoyable things about living in our pluralistic society is the constant discovery of talents that diversity has brought to Canada. When they’re pleasant, surprises are always welcome.

And that’s why I was really happy when my friend William Doyle Marshall told me about a group called The Ramblers. To my shame, I’d never heard of them but apparently hundreds of thousands of Canadians have — for the last forty-three years. And before that they were renowned in their native land, Guyana.

There, three brothers named Serrao formed their own band and became highly popular before coming to Canada in 1964 where they’ve enjoyed a steady following ever since, frequently touring. They established their Canadian reputation at the late lamented Jamaican Latin Quarter Club in downtown Toronto which disappeared to make way for Eaton Centre.


They’ve just released a CD version of their first LP — Boys’ Night Out, made thirty years ago. It’s a delightful collection of calypso, bossa nova, ballads and waltzes that’ll make you want to get off your butt and dance.

More recent CDs reveal that these five boys are still as exuberant in their — shall we say –more advanced years as they were when Boys’’ Night Out was first cut.

I’m told that The Ramblers CDs may be found in all HMV stores across Canada

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