Christmas: a tarnished holiday

Canscene) —  How well I remember landing in Canada on December 15 to see lighted homes in villages and towns as the train took  me from Halifax to Toronto. And then, Toronto itself, to me after an austere eight years in Europe and England,  like a fairyland with gaily  decorated stores and signs of well-being all around me.  But that was Christmas, 1947.

Today, what I cherished  has grown into a travesty of those innocent days.   Gross commercialism has taken over the land. No sooner was Halloween over than Christmas promotions sprang up like dandelions to tempt those with the money to buy these material pleasures.

With millions of Canadians living  below the poverty line food banks nd welfare services are strained to the limit  Yet our federal government does little other than tell us tax cuts will create economic growth that will trickle down to all levels of socity.

Try telling the single mother of three how long she must wait for relief to trickle down as her kids press their faces enviously against store widows.  What if that trickle slows to a halt?

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