They just don’t get it!

Will the media never grow up?  No sooner does J.K.Rowling author of the Harry Potter books remark that she’d always conceived of Professor Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts as being gay than an avalanche of comment and news reports descends

Like prurient school children we are invited to pick over every imagined detail of the imaginary sexual preference of an imaginary character, This in turn arouses the ire of anti-gays with the Harry Potter series.

Meanwhile relatively little media attention was given to an ugly situation concerning a real life gay person,  James Loney, who’d suffered
long months of imprisonment by Iraqui militants.

Recently Loney, a Catholic , was “uninvited” to a Winnipeg conference he hd been asked  to attend

At the time of his release Loney had made no bones about the fact that he was gay.  The invitation to him  had been made some time before his rejection by Winnipeg Roman Catholic Archbishop James Weisgerber

The Archbishop’s lame excuse for the “uninvitation”  wasn’t because James Loney is gay, but because he’s in a relationship with another man.

I ask you!

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