Scary scenario: the fate of Bin Laden

(Canscene) — The recent success of a ventriloqist-impersonator in a million dollar US television talent hunt revealed the man’s uncanny talent for voice mimicry — he’s one of the best I’ve ever heard.

Now, picture this. Al Qaeda has unearthed such a talent, who is totally able to convince even voice detection experts that he’s Osama Bin Laden. Why not? In all his taped messages since 9/11 Bin Laden has never been seen to move his lips, appearing only as a voice over a still photograph.


Picture also that Bin Laden died at some time between 9/11 and his first television “appearances.” Assume also both Al Qaeda and the Bush inner circle know this fact, but each in its own way chooses not to reveal the truth. Al Qaeda still has its major symbol of resistance. The U.S. still has a palpable villain who has not yet become a martyr.

And so both sides continue in their unspoken conspiracy of silence.

Could be!

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