A Canadian president? Heaven forbid!

(Canscene) According to a recent poll, 51 percent of Canadians think we should sever our ties with the monarchy when Queen Elizabeth’s reign concludes. Respondents also showed little relish for Prince Charles as the Queen’s successor, but favoured Prince William.

That aside, who could Canadians expect as head of state in the event of Canada becoming a republic?

As we have witnessed recently in the United States, with George W. Bush’s ridiculous and damaging vetoes, and in Pakistan Musharraf’s reluctance to give up ties to the military a form of dictatorship is being exercised. One must never forget that Mussolini and Hitler were elected by their fellow citizens.

It would seem to me far more fitting for the continuance of the offices of governor general and provincial lieutenants governors than an elected president. Parliament and the Senate (if still around) would continue to fulfil their present roles, governed by the Constitution and unhampered by a GG’s own private political beliefs.

2 Responses to “A Canadian president? Heaven forbid!”

  1. Ace Alvarez Says:

    As a newsman for many years, I have followed developments in world political affairs, and, always, quite a number of presidents in countries with presidential form of government have abused such powers, among others, Ben, those which you have cited.

    Although living a comfortable life in the country of our birth, my wife and I decided to leave in 1990 if only to give our children the economic stability of a future life because of the on-and-off political unrest at our country of birth–which even a student of economics would know is the main contributory factor to economic failure.

    The Canadian governmental system works, so, I agree with you; we must keep it as it is!

    Ace Alvarez
    Managing Editor
    Manila Media Monitor
    Front Page Philippines TV

  2. ben viccari Says:

    Thanks Ace, for your comment. I don’t claim to be a prophet but coincidentally, I had written that piece before Musharaff began his crackdown