Mid-life crisis — Italian style

Another facet of a man’s middle years was seen at TIFF 07 in an Italian film, Days and Clouds directed by Silvio Soldini.

Michele, a well-to-do business executive suddenly reveals to his wife, Elsa, that two months ago, he was fired from his job. His pride has kept him from telling, they’ve gone on spending in their usual fashion and there’s nothing left in his bank account.

Elsa responds with courage getting a job as a telemarketer, but Michele always seeking to preserve “la bella figura” with a position similar to what he’s previously enjoyed gets nowhere until he teams up with two workingmen to renovate houses. They enjoy some success, but his partners get steady jobs at a shipyard.


Their marriage is threatened until……..but I don’t want to be a spoiler. With Antonio Albanese and Margherita Buy as Michele and Elsa, Soldini has drawn unerring performances in a film that in the final analysis speaks of the bonds that unite those who know how to love.

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